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Male specific- a term used to describe the phenomenon that overcomes a man when, after jerking off to his female of choice, his rationality returns and he begins to contemplate what exactly it was he was jerking off to. If the female was considerably below the man's pre-jerkoff standards, he is overcome with a sense of shame, bewilderment, and confusion. When this process occurs, it is called jackshame*. If the man returns to his normal life without any further contemplation, jackshame never occurred.

*- jackshame does not have to occur only when a man is jerking off to a woman. It can be anything that produces a general WTF moment in the man's psyche. Examples could be, but are not limited to: beastiality, midget porn, necrophilia, tranny/gay porn (if that isn't already the guy's thing), food, snuff videos, etc.
Dude, I don't know what I was doing. I got drunk last night and whacked it to a video of a chubby midget transgender amputee giving a fully grown, yet DEAD racehorse a blowjob. In the moment, it felt right, but afterwards, it was the worst jackshame I ever experienced
by imnotadeer July 14, 2015
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