a filthy fat whore who is currently and will always be a virgin
by daddy chill 69420 February 21, 2022
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jacks are fucking sick cunts that eat dick all day long. but jack w's are even worse. those sick cunts are fucking retarded in every part of their horny brain and should be hung.
Person 1 - Hey there's a Jack W. over there.
Person 2 - Wanna beat his ass and kill him?
Person 1 - Bet.
by bigfatcocks275 August 24, 2022
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boy 1-wooah is that dustin from that show
boy 2-no its just jack w
by phat_dummy445 January 14, 2021
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Talented at everything! Brings happiness to all! Nature lover! Loves to laugh!!
by Jbobskins November 23, 2021
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