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A very specific type of douchebag. Usually they can be seen constantly smoking from a vape pen all day, and they drive shitty cars with subwoofers, fancy rims and any other misappropriated car mod. On their downtime they're usually drinking monster energy drinks and playing call of duty. Most of them are unemployed.
Look at these jabroneys leaving the vape pen shop.
by mcswaggerr March 02, 2015
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a jabroney is someone who is a kook or is trying to look cool by doing something very retarded
frat boys who go to tanning salons, get body waxes and cant party as hard as they claim
by stewy March 21, 2005
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To be an asshole
Hey Frank did you hear that Sam killed and ate his family

Yeah dude Sam is such a Jabroney
by 152637398237 October 09, 2016
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