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noun. - A person shows up at the bar too early, gets slammed off 2 of drinks, screams in a high-pitched voice, throws glasses, slaps people, refuses to pay for her drinks, and passes out in bed by 9:30.
"Man, Dena turned into such a j-beezy last night. I thought she was gonna get kicked out the bar!"
by Hank Fitznuggly March 11, 2009
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the definition of gritty. the MAN that when he is with a group of friends he screams its mr. steal your girl! he is the rawest man alive. hes a dog! most people think the j in j-beezy stands for jesus! BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!!!! G.F.C. when you see j-beezy and your with your girl you will be happy if he looks at her! JYEA its like that!
Person 1. DAAYMN you see that raw ass dude right there.

Person 2. BITCH THATS J-Beezy
person 1. you mean the best rapper alive?
person 2. JYEAH!
by J-Beezy BIOTCH April 29, 2011
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