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Izzy is the hottest girl who likes weird things. But one thing the loves the most is cock. I am dating an Izzy right now and i have sex with her all the time, but i also dont care if she has sex with other guys. She has sex with me best friends all the time, i even watched my friend cum inside her! She also likes it when i facetime her when im fucking her good friend. She lets me cum in her! Izzy also likes it when you just facetime her while your jerking off, just set the phone down on you and have fun, she wont say anything but she might get naked, and if shes with her friend, they will both finger them selves. Also Izzys parents are awesome! I went over Izzy one time and had sex with her on the couch while her parents sat on the couch with her! And the craziest part is that one time when i came over Izzys, her parents were having sex on the couch, and they told us to have fun next to them and i ended up having sex with her mom(her mom is young)
izzy kow is awesome
by Ms. Mccain March 20, 2017
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