pronounced eyes one
and the * is part of the name itts not censored
group produced from Produce48, just like their seniors; IOI and Wanna One
the group broke records on their debut that made heaters who called them flop silent.
their debut mv reached 10 M in just 4days and 1 hour and it was also recorded as the most watched mv in 24 hrs by a kpop act.
"Who is your favourite kpop girl group?"
"Its IZ*ONE?"
by WIZ*ONE November 2, 2018
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Iz*One is a South Korean–Japanese girl group formed through the Mnet reality competition show Produce 48. The group, managed by Off the Record and Swing Entertainment, is composed of twelve members: Jang Won-young, Sakura Miyawaki, Jo Yu-ri, Choi Ye-na, An Yu-jin, Nako Yabuki, Kwon Eun-bi, Kang Hye-won, Hitomi Honda, Kim Chae-won, Kim Min-ju, and Lee Chae-yeon. <- by google btw
iz*one are awesome and talented!
by chaeyeon December 28, 2021
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people who loves kira so much
"iz*one's ahn yujin is in love with user bieujin!"
by yenjin March 16, 2021
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A very multi talented all rounder 12 membered girl group based in korea. They are also 12 dorks who wiz*ones love so much. IZ*ONE is temporary but will forever live in wiz*ones heart. IZ*ONE are meant to be together and are destined for eachother, they are seriously one of the best kpop groups that would ever exist.
by izoneOt12 November 8, 2020
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scientists have confirmed that an izone relaunch will defeat poverty in the world, increase the happiness rate, also defeat air pollution, eliminate homophobes thanks to their music, and everyone in the world will have taste.
so, choose izone relaunch, for a better world, for a better future, for a better taste.
iz*one relaunch can change the world.
by stanizone July 11, 2021
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IZ*ONE was a South Korean-Japanese girl group formed through the reality competition show called "Produce 48." The show aired in 2018 and was a collaboration between the South Korean series "Produce 101" and the Japanese group AKB48. The aim of the show was to form a multinational girl-group with members from both Korea and Japan.

IZ*ONE consisted of 12 members: Wonyoung, Sakura, Yuri, Yena, Yujin, Nako, Eunbi, Hyewon, Hitomi, Chaewon, Minju, and Chaeyeon. The group debuted in October 2018 under Off The Record Entertainment and AKS, the management companies responsible for their activities in both countries.

IZONE gained popularity quickly after their debut, with their first EP titled "ColorIz" topping the charts in South Korea. They continued to release successful projects, like “Heart*IZ” and “Buenos Aires”. The group's music and performances showed their diverse talents, combining elements of K-pop and J-pop.

Throughout their career, IZ*ONE participated in various award shows, music festivals, and television programs in both South Korea and Japan. They achieved significant milestones, and won multiple music awards and broke records with their album sales.

However, IZONE's activities were limited to a set period due to the show's format. Their contract was set to expire after two and a half years, and the group disbanded in April 2021. Despite their disbandment, IZONE left a lasting impact on the K-pop industry and gained a dedicated fan base during their active years.
Even though IZ*ONE is now disbanded, please keep supporting the members on their current activities.
by Bestwiz*one May 16, 2023
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