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"Insane Viet Boyz" aka ivb, a gang that is located mostly around in the sacramento/elk grove area, 916. They always walk really hard and always be thugging it. Always tries to start something with other gangs or people by mugging at them or talking shit They end up either getting owned by other gangs or gather up their brothers/cousins to get their back. The young ones always ditches school and smokes weed/cigarettes all day. They rep blue, crips.
Look at them ivb's, always mugging at us. They won't see me though cuhz...
by AsianEvilBastard626 March 23, 2008
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IVB -> Involuntary bitching

Someone who usually complains alot, and about things that are not important.
Looks like my boss has another case of IVB.
by stephen_c01 April 18, 2008
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