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Due to the frequent beatings that old school Catholic grandmothers bestow upon naughty children, they have worked up quite the wrist strength. This strength can come into play in a whole host of different situations, from grinding pine nuts for pesto to gesticulating out of windows above the village piazza. Luckily enough for the adolescent Italian prospective heart throb, visiting the grandparent's on a spring time Sunday in Sienna does not stir the same deep dread that swells within English children. Namely because they don't get wanked off with anywhere near the same vigor.
(Enter a young man who has just returned from a cinema date with a beauty)

Friend: Hey, how was the film? Get anymore than a kiss?

Proud young man with empty empty balls: Hell yeah I did, got given a mean Italian Grandmother throughout all of Bridesmaids 2...
by Italian Grandmother May 21, 2016
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