A song on the Starbomb Album. The song about Link and A old man that wants to bang him.

"IRen caught me.
"Ok. Let's take her to the infirmary." Ren said.

"I know I wear a tunic but I'm not into men."

- Link
I smiled. "Have you ever heard the song it's dangerous to go alone?"
by LoverLoverdoki89 January 6, 2015
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From a popular video game, Legend of Mario, where Eren and Ash Ketchum goes to a park and uses the force against Dr Robotnic/Eggman and kills them with the Splash attack (using a Magicarp) which deals over 9000 damage, while Claude and Alois run around with a pink fluffy unicorn while dancing on a poop emoji.
Old Creepy Man: It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
Person: im 2 pro 4 dat liek im so sueper at thes game. i dont think i ned youre game bitchhhh im so pro
by A guy who submitted a word November 8, 2015
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