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come from the words. iPod and Microsoft


The isoft is what happens when a power hungry turtle neck (steve jobs) and a bottlecap glasses homophobe (bill gates)

put aside the hate for each other in an attempt to enslave humanity the isoft has one function -seek out inteligent life and consume.

The isoft works in the simple way of being used as tolietpaper-
the user wipes his ass with the durable,non stainable , polyfiber composite.
When contact between saids asshole and the isoft paper is met the isoft releases tine nanobots to invade the users nervous system instaling pointless software such as
windows 7 , java , Microsoft exel , imovie , safari

and many more.
Once the nanobots have finished the programs are booted up and now the individual is under the command of the

mega- billjobz zord.
Man- once those isoft nanobots reach the ass it's all over...

Woman- how do we stop them once there inside?

Man- you tuck your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye
by Mr.yum June 28, 2010
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