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Describes incongruous situations that are not quite ironic; trivial unfortunate coincidences.
It's like raiiiii-iain on your wedding day, a free ride when you've already paid. Isn't it ironish? Yea, I really do think.
by blake31 June 18, 2013
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An act of irony when preformed by, or in the presence of Ronish.

Cody: Did you hear that R. Kelly drowned in a vat of piss?
Wezoh: Yeah dude, that's so ironish!
Billy: wtf.
Trey and Tommy: lol.
by L.O.T.S. February 03, 2009
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When something is coincidental rather than ironic but is improperly labeled as irony.
A: It's the good adviiiiiice that you just didn't take. And isn't it ironic?
B: Actually, no. That's more ironish.
A: .....
B: Yeah, you didn't really think that one through.
by waffleton September 08, 2015
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