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A small town in the middle of Michigan, right smack dab between Grand Rapids and Lansing. (About a half-hour to hour via I-96 depending on traffic from either town.) These Michiganders are know well for their annual free fair. Odd things about this town is that the theater is supposedly haunted along with many abandoned house scattered around the town. If you talk with most anyone from this town they will come off as cold and shy but if you know them they are very warm-hearted, perverted, and crack some joke that their high school teacher told them. There are generations of people that live there and everyone feels like family except for the outsiders who just moved as they tend to pick on the people who have been there forever. Also there are rumors that the Vocal Music groups secretly run a cult during school.
"So I met someone from Ionia yesterday, she was so cold and talked in a monotone voice."
"Oh yeah, I grew up in Ionia, loved it there everyone was so kind and helpful. I really should go back one day and visit my family."
by SecretlyACultest August 12, 2016
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