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A product being developed at the Laval University in Quebec.
If it hits the markets, which is likely, it will be able to kill 99.9% of HIV and 90-100% of STDs.
This is a "female condom" which is actually a liquid, solidifying to a gel at body temperature (creating a protective film) and wearing off in approximately 2 hours.
Boy: "Yo baby, lets do it! I forgot protection, but no worries..."

Girl: "Sure if you want, I'll be right back." *Uses invisible condom gel, stays protected, doesn't get preggers*

Boy and Girl: *both happy*
by TheEducated November 02, 2008
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This term is in fact used to describe a non-existant condom. It is meant to insult really dumb-ass girls who would believe that a guy actually has created this invisible condom which will prevent her from becoming the slut who got preggo (pregnant) in high school. ATTENTION: the invisible condom does not exist and can not stop the load!
"Stacy I'm pregnant?"
"How Shaneequa?"
"I don't know... Mitch put on his invisible condom"

by See Why Dub November 20, 2006
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