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A word which was made up by the late L. Ron Hubbard (the former leader of a crazy cult called Scientology), and the word does NOT exist in ANY real dictionary. But in the brainwashed scientologist mind, it has the meaning of: interfering, interferance with members of the church.

The word is as fake as the effects of an auditing machine :P
- That man does nothing but interbulate with scientology!
by Interbulate this! July 26, 2006
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A Scientology term meaning to be keyed into one's case, connected strongly to a re-active frame of mind, lacking rationality or objective processing of events or the situation.
The person became interbulated, so lost it and yelled at the technical support person who was trying to help.
by ExploreLife2012 February 17, 2008
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A word which is derived from and is synonymous interference. Interbulate is not made up and is widely used throughout the world to describe the acts of those opposing the Church of Scientology. The fact that it is not located in any "official" dictionary is just another example of Chiristianity's hold on the state and their refusal to acknowledge Scientology as a true religion.
Pretending that interbulate is not a real word is actually hypocritically using it's true meaning against the Church of Scientology.

Please do not interbulate on my beliefs.
by Circularanarchy November 09, 2006
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