Moronic and meaningless buzzword to denote a video game of some kind. Originates in the days of the "interactive movie", a time of terrible experiments combining gameplay and video footage. Interactive movies quickly earned a much-deserved bad name for screwing up both the components that the name implies, so companies started using "interactive game" instead, hoping people were stupid enough not to notice. Though the genre is more or less gone today, the term is still in use, usually by the same people who say "internet website" instead of just "website" believing the redundancy will make them look, uh, smarter or something.
I'm sure glad this interactive game is interactive, cuz otherwise it wouldn't be a game would it?
by Chintz October 31, 2004
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R.I.G. technology, (Reality Interactive Gaming) was unveiled last week (September 2, 2013) as the partner app to the new action hero franchise, Dark Prophet. The technology allows gamers and fans to engage on all interactive platforms and in the real world. R.I.G. promises to bring the fan back into the real world through engaging content and clues placed outside the digital world. Fans will interact through GPS, Bluetooth, push notification and even snapping coded photos at retail locations.

R.I.G. developer and growth hacker, Jody Sigmund says, “Certain features won’t be revealed until we go live. Products, DJs and music tracks will be scripted into all media platforms and are being offered on a limited basis. We want products that fit the storyline.”
You’re a fan of a new superhero movie and you've downloaded the new Reality Interactive Gaming app to your smart phone. Your location is verified and an SMS is sent, leading you to an advertiser’s retail store. You’re asked to snap a product pic or QR coded images. The picture reveals clues to watch for in an upcoming episode. Secrets to hidden add-on applications will be revealed within the TV series and feature films. By downloading these apps, GPS and push notification will reveal coordinates directly to your smart phone. Hardware is also being developed to work with applications.
by cape designer September 12, 2013
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