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A person who collects books, newspapers, articles, journals, ebooks, webpages, magazines or any medium of information but has never read them or does not plan to read them in the future. Just collects all kinds of information which will eventually clutter up his/her bookshelf, filing cabinet, drawer, chest, binder, hard-drive, floppy disk, cd, house etc.

Similar to an info junkie who collects all kind of information, but unlike an info junkie who uses the information, an information pack rat accomplishes nothing.

A person who takes out 10 library books at a time and reads none of them is kind of like an information pack rat except he/she does not get to keep the books.
Man! I have so many books on diverse subjects like philosophy , mathematics, cooking, rock n' roll history and politics and I've never finished reading either of them. Now I'm out $500 for buying these books and know nothing new. I'm such an information pack rat
by RC September 27, 2005
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