what they call super smart dinosaurs in jurassic world.
INDOrapter, INDOminous rex.
by tyranospider March 18, 2022
An undocumented person, usually living in sanctuary cities.
Look at that Mexican, he’s probably an Indo.
How do you look so young at 27?!?

Because I’m Indo!
by Gotindo? October 7, 2019
Indo prince is a Sussy sussy person. He is one of a kind. Sugar daddy? ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Indo prince will purchase you anything from de fish marcket in exchange with a rim job. His anus is usually clean and loose, sometimes. Indo prince has three pairs of miqkel yordans and a real goochie bag, its legit. He is very busy and sus. Long live indo prince
Is that a rich lesbian mom?
No, its indo prince!!!
by sophiapederpenis November 11, 2021
When someone from indonesia offers a butt pic and resends the offer.
Nadya offered Moe a butt pic for his allegience to a new guild. Then when asked for the pic she resigned her offer. Nadya is indo giver
by Moe himself February 12, 2019
an indian drama MIXED with comedy in one single word
we just finished watching an indo-dramedy
by cacacooroonee December 13, 2020
The area of the world where Donald Trump thinks "they took our jerbs."
Trump keeps confusing East Asia with Indo-pacific because he can't remember the names of the countries he has gone to visit.
by Zombie Assassin November 11, 2017