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a kid stuck between the world of INDIE and GOTH , not a poser child like you all will assume, but someone who loves the deepest darkest most "hardcore" music of both worlds.

for those who can't grasp the point: you dress like you're indie, but you dress it all up with a hella lotta black. (And don't forget the music....)
you firgure it out, i'm sure you can, i mean it's not like my emaple wasn't good enough IF YOU DIDNT LIKE IT MAKE A BETTER ONE JEEZ!!!!

teenage angst might help describe this all
by yo mamma April 18, 2005
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A preteen/teen (age between 11-16), who is both indie and goth. They will dress indie (in their own independant style), and probably have indie hair too. But their style will be darker than most indie kids. They will usually listen to:

Indie, alternative, rock, metal, alternative metal, screamo, gothic rock etc...

Most indie's, goth's and indie goth's are VERY against emo's/scene's. This is understandable because emo's/scene's "stole" indie style and turned it black. E.g.:

-> Converse
-> Black skinny jeans
-> Band tees

Plus, their used to be loads of good screamo bands, that felt the need to go emo to make money.

So NOT to confused with emo. They listen to indie and metal. Nothing wrong with that. As an indie/goth myself, I get along with indie/goth's, and just indie's and just goth's.

But if there's one thing none of us can stand, it's emo's/scene's.


Most people believe indie kids are cocky, but actually most of us are just people who don't really care about much except music. Same with goths mostly. People expect goths to just NEVER talk, and be depressed, but they actually talk a lot and are generally happy people who have a negative attitude on the world, but are still happy.

So indie goth's are people who don't really care about much except music, who take a negative attitude on the world but are happy and independant.
Prep boy: OMG look at the emo wearing converse!
Indie goth boy: Hey! Converse aren't even emo, they stole it off us.
by loving_music_<3 December 05, 2009
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A style somewhere between the stereotypes of Indie and goth. Usually seen in a beanie and Doc Martens.
"A plaid shirt and goth makeup? That's Indiegoth"
by LavaCat December 29, 2018
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