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the act of only showering one's body; to simulate the Native Americans running through rivers to flee from the White Man.
A girl takes an "indian shower"; showering only her body, to ensure the quality of her hair that she previously devised.
by The Iron Chode August 12, 2010
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A less time consuming alternative to literal showering (with soap and water) in which you shower yourself entirely in body spray deoderant. This is often done by smokers to quickly hide the aroma of whatever it is they were smoking.

The term comes from the racist belief that Natives are dirty, lazy, druggies.
"Oh shit, Mom's home! Quick, hide the gas and we'll take an indian shower!"

"Dude, you smell fucking terrible. Take this can of Axe to the bathroom and give yourself an indian shower."
by Saint Diamond August 17, 2007
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