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Where the female partner sits cross-legged with her legs crossed behind the male. Creates a tighter penetration and allows for eye contact during orgasm.

Jenny got home after 11 that night. Work had run late, so she missed the movie she and Kyle had planned to see. Opening the door, she saw a dim pink light from the other room. She knew exactly what was in store for her that night. Dropping her bags, she slowly walked towards the bedroom, swinging her hips. Jenny saw her favorite set up- the room clear of everything except for the bed and a table with wine in two glasses. And her favorite part- Kyle, in his tight workout tee and flannel pants. "Hey, beautiful", he purred. Jenny already felt the heat in her pussy as she stalked towards him and knelt on the bed. "Hey, handsome" she smiled. Climbing on top of him, she began to lap dance and rub him. Kyle felt his bulge hardening. He whipped her around and lowered his head. Excited, Jenny was ready for his inviting tongue to eat her out right then, but instead, he too the bottom of her silk blouse in his teeth and tore it off her. Jenny knew what to do. She grabbed his throbbing bulge while taking off his tee. Growling, he stroked her wet pussy as he worked her pants down with his other hand. Delighted, Jenny used her hands to rip off his flannel pants while she pleasured him with her mouth through his boxers. Kyle laughed and pulled her in.
But before he could get too into it, Jenny stopped. Kyle looked up questioningly. "You know, it's been a really long day. I think I just need to sit down." Jenny murmured. Kyle wasn't happy but he understood. As he turned away, Jenny grabbed the elastic of his boxers. "It's been such a day that I need help getting undressed" Jenny said seductively. The words dawned on Kyle as he reached around her to unhook her bra. Jenny laughed. Ripping it off, Kyle took off her black lace underwear just as quickly. "And, you know, I could use some wine," Jenny smiled. Kyle poured her a glass of Merlot and handed it to her. But she had something else in mind. Working off his boxers, Jenny tipped the glass over his 9" erection, spilling the wine. "Oops." Jenny began to straddle him. She crossed her legs behind him. That was her favorite way to do it, indian position."Maybe I really do need to sit-" He thrusted his heaving cock into her wide open pussy. "-down." Kyle finished. Thrusting her hips all around, Jenny began to climax. The sheer lust in her eyes was enough to get Kyle going harder. "Deeper, deeper daddy!" Jenny moaned. Kyle thrusted his rock-hard shaft into her. The sweet smell of the wine-lube was turning him on. "OHHH YEAHH DADDY! GIVE IT TO ME HARDER!" Jenny screamed, climaxing. Kyle exploded inside her and they both fell back with a sigh. After that, they proceeded to do it every night. Indian style.
by IAmNotThrowingAwayMyShit June 30, 2017
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