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A suburb of Indian Hill known for it's winding roads, great schools, and for being in Traffic. Though people are rich, not all are snobby. Most notable for being hated by the jealous kids that live in the surrounding areas.
Carl Lindner lives in Indian Hill-- the lucky bastard.
by kiss_off_haters April 17, 2006
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A small isolated suburb of Cincinnati in which exactly four Indians and no Native Americans live.
by Indian Hill minority August 07, 2003
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Indian Hills High School is a little hellhole located in a slightly larger hellhole called Oakland, New Jersey.

All the staff in this schools don't give a shit for the students.

In your Freshman year, you will experience difficulties such as: your schedule is crap and not the one that you were supposed to get, half of your teacher are idiots and the other half are snobs.

By Senior year you will only be happy you're finally almost outta here.
My Indian Hills schedule says I was born in 1884.

You go to Indian Hills?
Boo, you whore.
by 19915 October 04, 2008
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An area in Cincinnati, Ohio distinguished by it's wealth and "old money". Indian Hill teens are usually stereotyped as rich brats; that is false. There are frequent alcohol and drug busts related to students and drug usage is not uncommon in day to day activites. Surrounding areas, such as Kenwood, can also be associated with Indian Hill but without the money part.
"Who invited the rich Indian Hill bitches?"

rich bitch money wealth ohio
by CuteIsWhatImAimingFor February 11, 2011
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Indian Hill is a suburb of Cincinnati ohio.

although it is a very small town, consisting of only a few miles, it holds some of Cincinnati's oldest & wealthiest families. Most houses sell above the millions(most are about 10 mil.) The citizens of this town are known for running Cincinnati's finest PUBLIC schooling system, driving the fanciest German sports cars, and living a fabulously wealthy life.
not convinced? type "indian Hill homes" into google... those are extreamly common
girl:" have you seen the new mansion their building in Indian Hill?"

boy:" pshh yeah, its going for 15 million"

girl: "why doesnt that surprise me"
by Cw2012 July 23, 2008
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1. Here's the REAL definition of Indian Hill.

Indian Hill consists from upper-middle class (very rare) citizens to wealthy multi-millionaires. Now, there are some regular middle classmen who are live around Indian Hill (apartments), have their kids attend Indian Hill schools, etc but are not rich.

As someone said, there are no Native Americans in Indian Hill, but there are, believe it or not, quite a few Indians. Most, however, are Catholic, Jew, and Protestant Americans.

2. Place George Bush likes to visit in order to get money.
1. I live in Indian Hill, and although everyone thinks of me as a stuck-up brat, it is not my fault that my parents actually got good grades and scored high in the SAT's and got very significant high-paying jobs.

2. Hi, I'm George Bush. Please give me money, rich Indian Hill buddies, so I can use it on pointless wars like the War on Iraq! This time, I'm planning on going to Syria and capturing their army so we can force them south to Israel, and start the Apocalypse!!! I'm the Antichrist, by the way!
by OMG its me March 21, 2006
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A hill in Snoqualmie, WA that holds the houses of several Indian Families. It also Holds at least 40 rusted out car bodies, some appliances and a non running tractor or two.
Jimmy: Where do you live?
Jenifer: I live just past Indian Hill on the right.
by xxxNikkixxx August 01, 2008
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