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A shitty ass ghetto consisting of 6382917 fast food restaraunts & gas stations.

The only thing to do in Independence on a Friday night is go on a route on the shitty back roads or snort coke with your wanna be gangster friends in the back of their 1998 Dodge stratus.

All schools here are complete trash. Everyone owns an illegal gun. Everyone sags their thrift shop jeans and every girl has their nipples and Monroe piercing.

The only way to make friends in Independence is to be a drug dealer, keep your legs open, or flex with your counterfeit money & plastic gold.
Bro 1:“Hey bro, let’s move to independence mo to get our drug sales up!”
Bro 2: “Hell yeah bro, everyone there is with the shits
by Babybopperdeedee May 08, 2018
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