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a medical condition causing one to urinate instead of ejaculate during sexual intercourse
spicer was getting really fed up with dave. she thought he was taking the piss not realising he was incuntinent
by theWestHamfan December 25, 2003
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A persons inability to cease being a cunt.


1. Unable to suppress leakage and/or physical evacuations of cuntishness;

2. Incapable of retaining the fact they are a cunt.
3. Inadequate self-control & restraint, especially against the urge to be a cunt.

Related: Incuntinence, incuntinency, uncuntrollable
'Some people get really incuntinent when they've had a few too many'

'Have you always been this incuntinent or is this a recent affliction?'
by StuntMum October 13, 2018
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