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in-be-twixt (noun/adverb): A point between one place or time and another; can also be used to describe lifestyle.
Lifestyle (noun):
1. I am currently inbetwixt jobs.

Time (noun):
1. If I don't get paid, I will be going off inbetwixt 9 and 10am.

Place (adverb):
1. I currently have two platinum fronts with plans to add a gold one inbetwixt.

See also betwixt
by Wint May 06, 2005
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To place between on the inside of a twix bar.
Also could be used in a sensuous way of saying between. See waterslide
My cock was not any common rooster, for he was inbetwixt.

"Dude, have you seen my rib-eye steak?"
"Yeah man."
"Where is it?"
"LOL! I made it inbetwixt!"
"Did you just say LOL?"

I enjoy things inbetwixt my thighs.
by Jack Kostecki October 05, 2009
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