Imperil, a five piece Metal/Hardcore band from San Diego CA.
Imperil started under a different name, and went through, various line-up changes through it's under-appreciated yet promising beginnings.

The current line up:
Blake Backer. - Vocals
Jason Harkless. - Guitar
Tyler Santander. - Guitar
Evan Smelser. - Bass
Micheal Backer. - Drums

These kids grew up together and have had one hell of a time doing it, each with their own unique and individual respect for the band and the music they make, it really brings a fantastic atmosphere to the stage, and their recordings.
Starting in 2004, Imperil has worked their way up from poor quality garage band, sounding recordings, and house shows. To, professional quality recordings and several shows at small to Mid-level venues. Recently playing a show at Soma, probably the biggest venue in San Diego that plays that genre of music on a regular basis.

In mid-2006 they recorded an Ep entitled: "My Life, My Pride". Featuring four tracks:
1.On My Feet
2.A Whore's Poverty
3.You Can Smell It
4.Tough Guy
(Tough Guy, was a previous song, that was re-recorded, with back up vocals by Brad Crawford)

In Late 2006 they have written new songs, and are planning to record them at Love Juice Record Studios in Late December 2006.

Extra Facts:
-They orginaly started as a Straight Edge band, but had to conform due to line up changes.
-Blake and Micheal are cousins, not brothers. (often confusion)
-All of the members with the exception of Tyler go to Clairemont High School, Tyler attends UC High School.
-Evan Smelser is a recent addition, the band has been through a couple bassists.
-Both Jason and Blake own Side Kicks, and are proud of it.
-The Band members take pleasure in trying to get girls to take pictures of their breasts with "Imperil" scrolled across them.
-Jason and Micheal are currently invovled in a Hardcore side project with Brad Crawford, Kick Rocks!
-All of them enjoy shouting and throwing things out of moving cars. Preferrabley at people.
Set Up: Imperil on Stage in between songs

Mitch - HEY, FUCK YOU!

...this can go on for quite some bit.
by John Smith(Imperil) December 21, 2006
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1. (of food in general) containing detectable amounts of heat
imperilous tomato juice
by GoldenPal May 20, 2020
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