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Imone is a beautiful girl she will always ha e your back.When you see a imone you think of caring,loving,funny,huggable and gentle person.When she smiles you can see her glow from 20ft away
She sounds like imone
by Hurd May 13, 2018
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Imone is a smart, radiant young girl. She is a great friend who is constantly smiling, but beware when she is mad, there would be a fire in her eyes that could burn a hole in anyone's soul. While she is an extroverted woman, she does need a moment to herself every now and then. Imone's tend to have great asses and know how to use them to their advantage, when swinging her hips no man can keep their eyes off her. While loving junk food and having movie marathons with her friends she also has a strong connection to animals. Imone is a wonderfully adventurous woman that would never say no to a fun night out.
by The Witchy Queen February 09, 2019
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