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The invasion of a country by stealth through excessive immigration. The immivaders are normally from poor countries who come with a sense of entitlement to richer countries. Though they are driven by envy, and aspire to a more prosperous life, and even hope to marry into the mainstream of the host country, they often have no respect for its customs, culture or laws. In time, immivasion results in the population group that built up the culture and prosperity of the country being immivaded to be displaced or overwhelmed. The immivaders become the dominant demographic group in the country, with the result that social cohesion breaks down. Ultimately, there is widespread violence and crime; corruption becomes rife, and even the norm; the country becomes bankrupt and falls into anarchy.
Owing to threats to the economy and social cohesion from immivasion, a credible leader trumped the presidential election.
by GregDeane September 30, 2016
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