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A subgroup of Filipinos.

Used to be seen as filipinos who wore merch from Zumiez, such as OBEY and Diamond Supply Co. ,now, they are typically seen sporting hypebeast clothing such as Supreme, BAPE & Anti-Social Social Club.
illipinos are similar to Fuck Boys, in the sense that they are Filipino ,but like Fuck Boys; crave attention.

Some would say that their attitude is indeed sick, perhaps... ill.
Examples include: Filipinos from kushandlyrikz.
Yo RJ, did you see Nathan's fit, it was sick. Heard he broke up with Nessa too, what an illipino!
by e_ijah September 30, 2018
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One of Filipino/Pilipino origin from the Bay Area California who gets hyphy.

An Ill Filipino!
Did you see that guy turfing?

Thats an illipino!
by Jordan S. From the YAY AREA October 22, 2008
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