A group of wannabe musicians who couldn't gain any popularity by virtue of their music so they vandalized private and public property by plastering stickers all over other people's neighborhoods.
"Oh man! Our music sucks and nobody likes us! I know! Let's Ill-Eagle up some nice neighborhoods because we're untalented scum from the gutter and we'll never get noticed any other way!"
by Mark 216 September 1, 2006
A true gangsta with style and who can rap so fresh. His CD Hate Me Now is bangin! Also known as Teymur, T-Mo and Zen-X.
by www.blingblingx.da.ru February 29, 2004
Ill eagle means illegal. It is a term created by gamers that comes from the splitting of the two syllables that make up illegal.
"He can't take my name, that's ill eagle. I'm going to sue him."
by krexpexfex July 20, 2020