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iJunk is an apple device that instead of making your life easier, it impedes it.
Ex. "Hey did you get my text?"

"No, my iJunk has been spazing out all day!"

Ex. 2 "My iJunk doesnt want to work ever since i dropped it on the table and the screen cracked"

Ex. 3 "A drop of water got on the screen of my iJunk and it wont turn on anymore"
by Jon117 October 16, 2013
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Digital communication and entertainment devices, including smartphones, MP3 players, etc. Such devices allow people to waste enormous amounts of time engaging in social media, listening to music, watching videos, and so forth.
My daughter spends about ten hours a day on her iJunk, mostly texting with her friends; she's an iJunkie.
by Loadmaster August 09, 2015
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