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Aquel que es constantemente vapuleado en el uinin eleven por la misma persona, tambien conocido como papi chulo
Relator del wini:- "Falta clara !!!!"
Papi chulo:- "Ahhh iji !!! dijo Claraaaa como tu viejjjaaaaaaaa"
by Papaito March 17, 2008
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A word used to mean frustrated, or a feeling rapidly switching between mad and sad.

Pronounced: i-jee (short "i" sound and long "j" sound)
Zoe: I'm so frustrated with this math homework! It makes me sort of angry, but really frustrated and sad too!

Chloe: You mean Iji?
Zoe: Yeah, that's it!
by ZHHB October 13, 2009
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