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1. A member of the Jewish faith, usally male, who attempts to act as a stero-typical New York/Jersey Italian.

2. Of the Jewish faith, who vehemently believes, they are or are somehow related to Italians.

3. A Jewish man or woman attempting to act Italian, when they are not so.

4. Any Jew residing in Boca Raton, Florida originally from New York.

1. Hey Ijen, stop talking like that, youre not Italian, in-fact, I was at your Bar-Mitzvah!

2. Yo Mordechai, put down that slice of pizza and gold chain youre wearing, youre not fooling anyone.

3. Look at that Ijen, he's slicked back his hair, got his spray tan going, buuuuut he's still not Italian.

4. Why is that Jewish guy talking and acting like a Italian? Freakin Ijen!
by Albert Einshtein February 05, 2012
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