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Iiro is an amazing person. Even if he will think not. If you meet Iiro he will just wave maybe because he is anti social and has trouble being in groups. Iiro will compliment you if you go through the same struggles as him. He will tell you that if you cry he will hold you in his arms and try his best to make you better. Iiro is like no other person. He is a person you would want to be with. If he leaves and tells you to forget him, you just can't because of how nice he was to you. Iiro knows his struggles but he is happy when he talks with you. If you are friends with an Iiro then you are already slowly falling inlove with this boy. But he doesn't like love. He can't feel it. And that's okay with him if you like him. He just wants you happy.
Girl: *cries*
Iiro: *grabs you and hugs you*
Girl: Thank you Iiro
Iiro: I'd do anything to make you happy.
by AmberRoseWilson February 05, 2018
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