IGLI is the #1156 most common male name in UN.
1.281% of men in the UN are named IGLI.
Around 0 US men are named IGLI!

0% of females in the US are named IGLI.
0% of females in the UN are named IGLI.
Around 10 US females are named IGLI!

IGLI is the #1172389 most common last name.
0.01% of last names in the UN are igli.
Around 0 US last names are IGlI!
Around 0 US last/first names are IGlI!
by kakamura November 24, 2008
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The quality of being ugly and cute at the same time.
I love those igly faces you make! They're so endearing! Let's cuddle!
by fuustoleit November 18, 2010
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Hunt:your igly
Charlie:Mother was right!!!
by LEOGEO November 16, 2009
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A term used when someone's hoe's been a sleezin'. Igli is a term people use to call someone the pimp of pimps. That is why "Igli" is used in this term.
"You know what they say...

When Igli Sneezin' your hoe's been sleezin'."

"Damn Igli sneezed up in this bitch cuz yo bitches sleezin!"
by Munchmaqoochi October 20, 2011
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1. Igly-uglier than ugly 2. Fugly-fucking ugly 3.foo-fool
Man, that guy who asked for your number was one igly-fugly-foo!
by Kc_Kit-Kat November 15, 2006
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