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I'd Go Gay For.

Use for men you admire, trust, or follow. Usually great benefactors of wisdom or resources who you feel indebted to.
Not used just to say a man is attractive. ("no homo" is automatically implied when using this phrase.)
Stoner69: Bernie Sanders is going to legalize it and double our pay, we'll be blazin' everyday!
Stoner70: Hell yea, IGGF Bernie Sanders.
by TheGoyWonder June 09, 2016
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IGGF means In Game Girlfriend, Just in case y’all are wondering about it. Girlfriend in the gaming world!
Person 1: Hey Person 2, u wanna go jogging with me later in the evening?
Person 2: No, sorry, I have a date with my IGGF. We are going for a ‘Marathon’, not a jog btw, a ‘Gaming Marathon’! See you around later!
by GamingLegend June 03, 2018
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