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the hottest guy on planet earth, but such a fuck boy he doesn't let people fuck with his gang and is really intelligent when you get past his cocky attitude he has hoes for days and all his friends hype his head hella.very very athletic and very determined. ignores girls because he has so many and can be really rude at times but also very sweet and caring. he doesn't fuck around with his boys or family and when he finds that special girl, he doesn't let go. All in all a fuck boy, good friend, overall nice person just don't fall for him.
him: Isn't that Iesa
her: yeah, he's a good friend and an awesome athlete but don't fall in love with him.
him: why what happened
her: he played me cock as fuck, I'll never F with him again.
by dancingbabe22 May 31, 2017
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