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A popular YouTuber who makes fun of terrible kickstarter and entertains potheads while doing "bad unboxing" where he allegedly promotes items he unboxes by treating them like trash. Famous for being a self proclaimed "gay-retard, grimestepper, self-made entrepreneur, 100% improv and next level comedian." Idubbbztv has won the Youtube Silver Play Button for "earning" over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Idubbbztv is hated by his enemies for insulting their terrible kickstarter projects, leading to their response videos, which he also insults. Aside from doing crazy things in his videos, Idubbbztv "hilariously" plays video games and gives reviews. This messiah is somewhere between a true comedy genius and a douchebag. "Akshept it!"
Leusick Diamondeyes: I hate Idubbbz! It's not my fault my kickstarter project sucks.
Idubbbtv edits Leusick's video to have him say, "...My kickstarter project sucks!"
by Unfathomable Productions January 12, 2016
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