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What the bride says when she thinks to herself idiot and then gets her tongue stuck after too much rehearsin in private the night B4, nudge nuge, wink wink, it is what you think, while she wonders if she's supussed to say the full stop out loud or if she can use that as a new e-mail address while contemplating if she says I don't if she should mention the space between do and not or if she has to mention the apostrophe since not doing so could cause a catastrophe.
Her husband gave her a ring to inform her he's be late from the honeymoon after an urgent blow out between him and his pa, minutes after she said idooooooo thnkains, gawd, I hope these are oh's and not noughts on a contarct, well, I guess I better start practicing my ooooooos and aaaaaaas now than later, when she is kissed halting possibility of possible escape from matrimony and sure probablity re door mat money.
by Hercolena Oliver May 02, 2008
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