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A person who has identity in official records but basically he/she has no contacts or limited networks in the real world;a person who boasts himself/herself that he/she is influential person in the society but in reality he/she is not;a person appears to be well documented on papers but in reality he/she is ordinary/average or below average;a dreamer in a fools paradise;a naive or timid or gullible or immatured individual; too much hype created about an individual;
If you are an idlone person then job hunting will be a difficult task in today's economy;I meet several idlone people while travelling using public transport service;We made a mistake by hiring an idlone candidate for this job;Those who have idlone personalities cannot understand the nitty gritty of this trade;Studies show that girls prefer their offspring to be well brought up with their life partner having zero idlone personality traits; His father talks too much about his idlone son, that is, pretty often he mentions his son is a genius just like Einstein;
by Deep March 07, 2004
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