a certain female with all the grooves and moves of a lady. tall and sleen. loves to avoid questions that involve her personal life and is great at changing the topic.
hey whats up "ice cream shop"?
by splended May 2, 2008
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When a child has done something the parrent percieves as wrong. At that exact moment the parents or grandparents then tell the child that they were planning on a surprise trip to the ice cream shop. They then reveal that since the child was doing something wrong, that the child is no longer alowed to go to said ice cream shop. Now as an adult with some higher reasoning ability onc can see that the child did not have a chance in hell of going to that ice cream shop.
Tom's mother: Sorry Tom, we were going to go to buy your favorite candy, but since you broke the lamp you can't go now.
Tom's older brother: Tom, you were just ice cream shopped! Don't listen to her you were never going to go get candy, you

In this instance the kid just got ice cream shopped and the parrent was being a bitch
by Bract November 5, 2011
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