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a phenomenon in colder climates where a man pees outdoors in the winter time and it is so cold that the urine freezes as it leaves the penis, up into the urethra, making an icicle out of his dick.
Jerry took a leak on that tree last January and got an ice dickle.
by joeboticus January 04, 2010
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The state of having an exceptionally cold penis; usually accompanied by extreme pain. Icedickle commonly afflicts distance runners who are overly optimistic about the weather.
John was unprepared for the cold, windy race conditions, which resulted in a raging case of icedickle.
by J.B. Tyler June 26, 2008
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When your out drinking in the woods in the winter and you go off on a walk with that special boy/girl. You start to kiss and steadily continue on with your sexual activity until he/she touches your penis and it shrivels making it an "ice-dickle"
- Tommy: Dude i went on a walk with Karina last night and she totally gave me an Ice-Dickle!

- Ian Dunphy: No way dude! I got three Ice-Dickle's from Marissa last night!
by ShizzMcdizzle October 24, 2011
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