IAmAwesome.com declares "it's true." This is useful in at least a couple of ways. First way is proving to someone that you've told that you're awesome and they need proof. Or to prove to someone that's awesome, that they are indeed awesome. You can send them to that web address where they can see it in writing. It's playful and fun. We shouldn't need proof to feel awesome. But for those skeptics out there, there is written proof. Just accept it as fact and move on.
Me: You are so awesome!
Awesome skeptic: Yeah right. Whatever.

Me: I can prove it.

Awesome skeptic: Then prove it.

Me: Go to IAmAwesome.com
Awesome skeptic: "It says , 'it's true'."
Me: I told you so.

Awesome skeptic: touche it looks like I am awesome.
by MsCtrl January 14, 2021
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