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1. The next wave of personal computing from Apple.

Set to be introduced in late spring or early summer 2010, the Apple iSlate is a new tablet computer with a high-resolution touch screen and sleek black design. The device is about the size of a telephone book cover, but less than 1/2-inch thick.

The iSlate offers all the functionality of an Apple laptop (e.g., iMac Air), but in a sleek one-piece design with many new extras. The virtual keyboard is similar to the iPod "electronic keyboard," but is almost the same size as a regular physical keyboard.

Besides thousands of computer applications, the iSlate also plays movies, music and games. With optional services, it can also work as a video-conferencing device (using the built-in video camera) and a telephone. Of course, it comes with built-in WiFi access and optional 3G wireless Internet access.

The iSlate takes advantage of recent advances in super-thin flash memory, battery design, smudge-resistant coatings and thin-film transistor display technology. Essentially, the iSlate is an advanced next generation "hybrid" of the iPod Touch, iPhone and MacBook Air laptop, but with many new cool features and a stunning new user experience. It may eventually replace the standard laptop for many users.
Danny lined up 12 hours in advance to get his new Apple iSlate. Now all the girls want to date him.
by Peter Kobs January 13, 2010
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