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Someone who falsely believes that Apple is the best phone producer in the world, and refuses to acknowledge other brands. Also, they typically do not have much knowledge about technology.
iShill: OMG, did you see the new Apple Pay feature?! You can pay using just your iPhone. This is why Apple is the best!!11!one!

Nexus Warrior: Silly iShill, that's been available on Android for years.
by Disciple of DuARTe November 08, 2014
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A guy that thinks that Apple is good, but is considered by Android fanboys as a dummie.
iShill: OMG this iPhone is so easy to use! I'm so happy I switched from my LG!
Android Fanboy: Chill the fuck out, bro. Apple is shit, buy a Nexus!
by RaZvAnEsKi December 19, 2015
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