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A person who thinks and Android is superior to every OS out there, especially iPhone. They make you feel absolutely terrible for wanting anything but the phones they like.
Guy 1: Dude, is that an iPhone? I hate iPhone, the screen is too small, it doesn't have NFC, and it can't wireless charge. You should buy Android.
Guy 2: Maybe I don't need all those features?
Guy 1: I am just letting you know about the better options out there. You can stay ignorant and not buy Android. One day, there will be no iOS, Google is quickly closing the gap between Apple's Market Share.
Guy 2: Wow, what are some kind of Android Fanboy?
Guy 1: No, I am just educated and know that people who use iPhones are ignorant.
by Therewerenousernames45 September 21, 2013
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