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The act of forcing yourself upon someone else's iPod mid-song without their consent and against their will, usually revealing said person's bad taste in music.
Dude, that jerkoff Tom totally iRaped me at the football game while I was listening to a Jonas Brothers song. Mad embarrassing.
by booyakasha6 September 27, 2009
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to be raped with an iPod, in extreme cases, an iPod touch
ZOMG did you see Billy?
Na, what happened?
He got iRaped in the ass!
by spikeypineapple September 25, 2009
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after giving your number to someone, they constantly text and or call you, over and over again, even if you would prefer they leave you alone.
After Kadey gave her number to those kids at Busch Gardens, she got iraped !
by siarramazingg October 08, 2007
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