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You don't have an iPod, and you have never wanted an iPod, but you receive a gift card to the iTunes store, and download iTunes on your computer. It quickly becomes an addiction and you are now, iPodangerous.
About two weeks after installing iTunes, Steve Jobs' Nano-Clone invades your brain while you sleep, and you begin to think, "Wow this would be cool if I could take all this music, video, and apps on the go." Then you go spend $200 on a iPhone or iPod, and go into massive credit card debt, because all you do is buy music, apps, movies, and TV shows. Suddenly your credit card stops working, so you go check the balance, and you are maxed out.

You would have been better off buying some Apple stock, and reap the rewards of the 200 million people who are iPodangerous. You will become king of the world when Apple stock reaches $4,000,000 per share, and you will be able to buy a lot more iPods then.
by valleymd October 17, 2010
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