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People that have good reason to hate the douchebaggery of those who purport their self-righteous sense of superiority because of a $150 appliance literally anyone can afford but choose not to lead of a life of complete jackassery. The iPhone's cost is a complete non-issue whereas it costs roughly the same as comparable smartphones which makes it very sad some iPhone dbags actually try to gratify themselves even more so by truly believing everyone else couldn't possibly allocate one week's pay to buy one like they so cleverly did.

Yes, iPhone haters have many reasons to hate these pretentious smug self-centered egomaniacs. Though it appears amazing iPhone haters can restrain themselves not to drill these morons in the suckhole when they can't function without reminding you how their shiny technology has saved them like that Jesus guy, it's probably because most iPhone haters actually possess some semblance of social discipline.
Tom: Hey guys, if you want I can split the bill on my iPhone and then load up an app to find a great place to get coffee.

Brian: Or I could just use basic arithmetic I learned in third grade, double and move the decimal point to the left for the tip and divide by 3 for the bill which I'm still capable of--unlike you apparently.

Mike: Ye, and I think the Beanery coffee shop around the corner would be great instead of randomly shaking one out of your app that's 10 miles from here.

Tom: You guys are just iPhone haters!

Brian: Yes. Yes we are. Now put it away for once and eat your food.
by TheMacGruber October 26, 2009
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Someone that talks shit on Iphones because they can't afford one.
They think there cool when they talk shit but inside they cry because they afford one. As soon as there done talking they want to see it and play with it but realize they can't because they are iphone noobs. Since they cant afford the iPhone they buy the iPod touch and try to pass it for an iPhone to people that don't know the difference.
mike- check out my new iPhone.
Guy- that things gay!
mike- your just one of those iphone haters that can't afford one.
guy- yeah whatever, let me see it
dam I can't seem to work it
mike- you must be one of those iPhone noobs
guy-I got an iPod touch! It looks like an iphone
mike- but Its not, maybe one day u can afford one
MSG brought to u by my iphone
by michael zambrana December 24, 2007
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