Little is known of the iPhone Killer. Having never been seen in person, it is impossible to describe its appearance, nor has it even been proven to truly exist. There are many versions of the Legend of the iPhone Killer, each of which is wildly varied from the last. However, each and every version agrees that "it's coming in a few months."
Did you hear? (Insert Google product here) is going to be the iPhone Killer!
by Swarley123 February 16, 2010
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1. A new cellular phone that is so superior and well designed that it poses a potential threat to the Apple iPhone empire.

2. A cellular phone that is cheaper, has more features, superior software, a removable battery and longer battery life than an Apple iPhone.
That Googlephone that's coming out is gonna be an iPhone killer! It's much more than a fashion statement: it has a removable battery, better interface, and it doesn't cost $500!
by JAllhands August 3, 2007
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