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1.) Being euphoric, and carrying an egotistical air of superiority and social dominance soon after the recent purchase of an iPhone.

2.) The social phenomenon of thinking you can pretty much rule the world now that you have bought the iPhone.

3) The thick layer of douchiness added to your personality because you think you're the only dipshit on the planet with an iPhone.
1.) Last night Darnell was being iPhone cocky and tried to shotgun two 40's of colt 45 in under a minute.

2.) Igor was getting iPhone cocky yesterday and tried to blow fire out of his mouth after siphoning gasoline out of his mom's Xterra.

3.) Did you hear that Bartleby is running for student body president? It's probably cause he's iPhone cocky. What a fag.
by G tothe B September 25, 2007
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